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Peer support specialists inspire hope, walk with people, reduce stigma, provide resources, and support.

Peer support specialists are people who have been successful in their healing process and help others experiencing similar situations. Through shared understanding, respect, and mutual empowerment, peer support specialists help people become and stay engaged in their recovery process and reduce the likelihood of relapse. Peer support services can effectively extend the reach of treatment beyond the clinical setting into the everyday environment of those seeking a successful, sustained recovery. (SAMHSA)

This is especially important within the military community with some of its unique challenges. Deployments, PTSD, and organizational stress will saturate the mental health care system. Well-trained peer support specialists can address many issues outside of a clinic. Sleep hygiene, developing a personal get-well plan, and even something as simple as facilitative listening can mitigate many stressors that could eventually build into a crisis.

The military community is looking for solutions to address the current mental health crisis, many of these are external organizations or programs. Military P2P wants to empower units across the DoD in building their own Peer Support Programs as a community-based approach.


Provide training, templates, mentorship, and additional resources so units and installations can build and sustain their community-specific peer support program.


  • Provided Tool Kits to assist in program development.

  • Hosted working group at inaugural Fortify the Force Initiative Team Symposium.

  • Identified potential Frameworks

  • Initialized processes to obtain legal confidentiality

  • Established baseline training requirments.


  • Fund/develop/deliver a train the trainer course specifically designed for the military community

  • Increase the number of individuals that are able to assist others in establishing their own programs throughout the DoD.

  • Gain Department of the Air Force leadership support to expand the program.

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